The new Tandem blade fan: the future is now!

Since 2005, Carlo Gallina has been working in the technical department of Cofimco. Now he's in charge of the Engineering Division of Cofimco Italy and involved in the Research & Development of high performance axial fans.

After many months of hard work and relentless testing with his team, Carlo had the pleasure to present the new Tandem® blade at CTI Annual Conference last February 6th. As one would expect, his presentation was greeted with enthusiasm: the product is designed to optimize fan performance by increasing lift and reducing vortexes generated by the blade.

The future is now. Please call us to receive more information about this revolutionary product!

From Russia To Cote d'Ivorie: The World Is Just Enough!

Cofimco is proud to announce new major contracts were made official with the German subsidiary of GEA. The supply consists of fans with FRP and aluminum blades, which will serve Air Cooled Condensers to be constructed in Cote d'Ivoire, Argentina, and Russia.
An important contract was signed with Hyundai, commissioning eighteen 10,973 mm diameter fans for the Ciprel IV expansion project in the the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire.
Sixteen large fans equipped with aluminum blades will soon be ready to use in two more Air-Cooled Condensers nearing completion in the province of Chubut, in southern Argentina. In this case, the order came from Pan American Energy Group.
Thanks to Tomet Methanol, Russia will be the country where nine other large fans will come into operation soon.
These results confirm Cofimco as the global leader in the field of axial fans, a goal achieved after years of hard work and continuous research: each fan we supply is ready to face the most severe working conditions in every part of the world. A fact that each of our partners know. And appreciates.

200 Fans Can't Be Wrong!

A significant supply of 200 fans was commissioned by Saipem to equip a number of GEA Aircoolers, as part of the expansion project of the integrated refinery and petrochemical complex located in Rabigh, north of Jeddah, on the West Coast of Saudi Arabia .
The supply includes the innovative Cofimco AV (Automatic Variable Pitch Angle), designed to adjust the cooling capacity in real time.

Tandem: The Future Is Now.

After a series of teasers that left us literally holding our breath, Cofimco has finally revealed the big news for 2014.
Premiered February 6th at CTI, Tandem® is the new axial fan that uses aircraft technology to provide better performance with less energy: the surface of the blade is just like the flaps mounted on an airplane’s wings.
We don't need a crystal ball to predict Tandem® will be a worldwide success.

Cofimco Tandem Fan

How To Be Cool In Algeria

Cofimco was selected by SPX Cooling Technologies Belgium to supply 54 large diameter fans to be installed in a dry ACC environment in Algeria.
The fans will be functional at two power plants that Daewoo E & C Co. and Hyundai Engineering Co. Ltd are building for Algérienne Société de Production de l'Elecricitè.
The trust given to Cofimco shows how our FRP fans are suitable for the A-Frame Air cooled condenser, a critical element for the smooth operation of the turbines.

Happy New Year

Cheers to 2013! It was a successful year for Cofimco. We worked hard to offer the best products in the world of axial fans. Our success was thanks to our employees, managers, and customers.
You supported and counseled us. You helped us to work through the problems that sometimes arise. And you helped us grow. Thank YOU!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May 2014 be a prosperous, healthy and happy time for you and your loved ones.

Cofimco India continue to be successful

Cofimco has just signed a very large project with SPIG for the new expansion at Reliance Jamnagar Refinery Complex.
Scope of supply is 70 high efficiency fans with 11 meters diameter, to be installed in the CT complex.

New expansion at Jamnagar represent the third phase of the project for the largest Refining Site of the World.

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Mistery teaser

If you visited our website recently, you found an enigmatic banner announcing revolutionary ideas that promise to do more with less energy and to set the date for the next CTI!
What are we talking about? In the movie world, it's called a "teaser". Our preview is not revealing much right now.
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What can we say now? Stay tuned, folks!

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