The Company

COFIMCO S.r.l. was established in 1975, with the objective of introducing an innovative axial fan to a sophisticated and more demanding market.
Fan sizes would be offered ranging in diameter from 2 ft to 40 ft, suitable for almost any application, including:

  • air cooled heat exchangers
  • air-cooled condensers (ACC)
  • wet cooling towers
  • radiators
  • ventilation

This new generation fan, compared to the leading competitors, was designed to be superior in the several key parameters:

  • improved performance and efficiency
  • reduced sound emission
  • high quality level
  • lower price
  • versatility
  • fast production and short delivery lead time

Through continuous growth, Cofimco is able to offer one of the world’s widest selections of axial fans, suitable for the most demanding industrial application. A vast experience and global presence allow Cofimco to guarantee expert advice and superior customer service. Cofimco has become synonymous with superior quality, technology and production capabilities. The commitment to offer the most advanced and competitive products to meet demanding market requirements drive our growth.