Smaller size, big performance. TANDEM® 20TD

Looking to the future in the wake of 30TD TANDEM® high efficiency fans success, COFIMCO studied, patented and recently launched the new TANDEM® 20TD.
The 20TD combine design, technology and high efficiency of  the 30TD with smaller sizes that allows the fan suitable for smaller applications.
In details, while the 30TD is available for range diameters from 10 to 18 ft, the 20TD offer a range diameters from 8 to 16 ft.

Thanks to the numerous tests carried on field by our customers and all the acquired data, we can confirm that the COFIMCO-TANDEM® is keeping its promises, offering an impressive increase of air flow and enhanced efficiency. More, due to its low energy consumption, we can safely say that the product can be repaid through energy savings.