TANDEM® reaches 1,000 (and still counting)!

We are extremely happy about the warm welcome that has been given to TANDEM® fan, one of the most efficient, and technically advanced axial fan ever: only in 2015, more than 1,000 TANDEM® fans have been installed in new operating plants all over the world.

Thanks to its extraordinary characteristics, the TANDEM® fan is also finding place in not less than 200 revamping projects, ensuring the end user a significant and continuous energy savings

The new Cameron installations in the US and the PTT facilities in Thailand are among the most important projects that have choose our innovative product.
CAMERON LNG PJT (Louisiana US) is one of the worlds largest liquefaction of gas and now bases its new refrigeration system on COFIMCO-TANDEM® high efficiency fans.

The PTT - Petroleum Authority of Thailand - is highly active in petroleum, natural gas, petrochemicals, electricity production, engineering and construction. An air cooler operating in their plant was equipped by 96 aluminum blade fans supplied by one of our American competitors.
In recent times, those fans have been replaced with the new COFIMCO-TANDEM®; high efficiency model; the operation led to an improvement of 15% of the electrical power input conditions, greatly enhancing the heat exchange efficiency of the air cooler, achieving a considerable advantage in economic terms.

We are more than certain that soon we will be able to tell you more examples of how the new COFIMCO-TANDEM® improves the efficiency of both new and old plants worldwide.
Stay tuned.