FRP-Carbon pultruded shaft presentation

cooling tech logo During the 2015 Cooling Technology Institute Annual Conference New Orleans, Louisiana - February 9-12, 2015 Cofimco Engineering Manager Mr. Carlo Gallina was proud to present our “INNOVATIVE FRP-CARBON PULTRUDED SHAFT FOR AXIAL FAN BLADES”.

Here below a short abstract:
Cofimco extensive research and laboratory tests pointed out in the development of an innovative shank to connect the blade airfoils to the hub of large axial fans used on Cooling Towers and Air Cooled Condensers: the new pultruded FRP shank reinforced with carbon rovings.

The innovative shank material gives to the blade a suitable elasticity, midway between flexible and rigid links, resulting in a noticeable reduction of the vibration level introduced by the fan in the supporting structure; simultaneously, high strength of carbon rovings and innovative "damped" shaft design let fan blades to withstand the most severe duty points and limit blade deformation.