TANDEM® 系列风机

The COFIMCO-TANDEM® patented and trademarked design will revolutionize the fan industry.

Extensive research, the application of aerodynamic concepts to fan blades through Computational Fluid Dynamic analysis (CFD simulation) and laboratory tests have resulted in the development of a new innovative design: the TANDEM® blade.
TANDEM® blade is the combination of 2 airfoils held together with special tip and root caps which main feature is the creation of a low pressure area which delay the separation of the flow around the airfoil.

Using TANDEM® blade compared to tradition airfoils results in the following advantages:

  • Lift is increased;
  • Drag and vortexes are reduced, fan efficiency in noticeably increased and a reduction in fan power adsorption is realized;
  • Stalling angle of attack is increased allowing fan to operate as slow as 20 m/s, which produces a reduction in noise.

The new TANDEM® Blade design represents a great innovation in improving axial fan performance and as a consequence, increased cooling efficiency.

TANDEM® Blade is available in two sizes 30TD for range diameter from 10 to 22 ft, and 20TD from 8 to 16 ft.

From the measured data on site and by the various official tests carried out by the clients, we can confirm that the COFIMCO-TANDEM® is keeping the promises for which it was designed: (Increase of air flow, increase efficiency and therefore simultaneous decrease of power consumption required for its operation) we could also add that the COFIMCO-TANDEM® can be repaid through energy savings it offers.

Main applications:

  • Air coolers
  • Wet cooling towers
  • Air cooled steam condensers
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